About Us

The Ten Mile Yacht Club was founded by a group of forward looking men to provide its members with economical boating and to encourage and promote recreational boating in the Mid-Monongahela Valley. Sixty years later the Club exists, true to its founders dreams, as one of Western Pennsylvania's most attractive boating facilities.

Ten Mile Yacht Club is a cooperative organization with all work being performed by the members. Boats are launched and stored, docks are placed and retrieved, and landscaping is maintained by the members. The Club has all the equipment necessary to complete just about any task. Parties are held formally on major holidays and informal parties are more common than not.

Guest boaters are welcome and may use all the facilities of Ten Mile Yacht Club at no charge to the guest. We only ask that the same courtesy be extended to Ten Mile Yacht Club when our members visit our guests home port. Our dock master will direct guests to vacant facilities.